Beautiful Places to Visit in Chitral Valley Pakistan

Chitral is generally delightful and renowned valley
of Kpk. It turned out to be progressively sentimental
in summer when the snow melts and it shows its full
greenery. The climate in summer is very quite
charming. While in winter it is too many viruses.
There are wonderful icy masses, mountains make
this valley excellent.
There are numerous lovely places to visit in Chitral
Valley.The Chitral Valley of Pakistan is amazing to
such an extent that you become loose in the wake of
spending a get-away there.
It turns out to be progressively sentimental and
delightful in summer when the snow liquefies, the
waterway spouts, and the scene turns lavish green.
The climate of Chitral in summer is lovely.
It turns out to be increasingly sentimental and lovely
in summer when the snow liquefies, the waterway
spouts, and the scene turns rich green. The climate
of Chitral in summer is very pleasant. In winter,
there is substantial snowfall, and the mountains
secured with snow present exceptionally alluring
views. Because of snowfall and icy masses, the
climate of Chitral in winter is a very virus.
The stream, mountains, landscapes, individuals, and
the climate of Chitral, everything guarantees a quiet
As a matter of first importance, let me acquaint you
with delightful places in Chitral. These include:
Tirich Mir
It is the most elevated mountain on the planet
outside of the Himalayas-Karakoram Range. It is
situated in the Mulkow Valley in the Chitral area.
Also, the height of this rocky range is 7,708 meters.
Do you know a fascinating reality about Tirich Mir?
In Wakhi language, Tirich implies obscurity and Mir
implies ruler. Henceforth, the name implies King of
The name can likewise be ascribed to the shadows
made by Tirich Mir on the Wakhan side.
The normal temperature of Tirich Mir ranges from
the most noteworthy 130C in July to least – 120C in
winter. So what do you think? Isn’t this June-July
the best an ideal opportunity to visit Tirich Mir with
turnover. Positively, it is.
At last, we give the best and efficient travel
administrations to wonderful places in Chitral
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Shandur Pass
I t is the most elevated mountain pass situated at a
rise of 3,700 meters. It is situated between the
Chitral area of KPK and Ghizer locale of Gilgit
In case you’re daring sightseers, this is the ideal spot
to go. The streets are limited, unpleasant, and rock
and you should expect driving in first and second
rigging as it were. Likewise, the greater part of the
streets is appropriate for one vehicle as it were.
The best ideal opportunity to visit Shandur Pass is
between late April and early November. Jeeps are
the most ideal alternative to pass through the streets
to arrive at this value watching place.
The Shandur Polo celebration is composed each
year in the period of July. In the celebration, groups
of Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan play polo coordinates
on Shandur Top.
Kalash Valley
Kalash valley is generally excellent and wealthy in
culture. Individuals of Kalash are all the more
amicable and decent. This is situated at the Hindu
Kush Mountains. About 380 km of Kalash shares
with Afghanistan guests. You can visit Tajikistan,
Uzbekistan, and Kirghizstan from here.
There are three speculations about Kalash. A few
people accept that they are descendants of
Alexander’s trooper. At the point when he visited
this spot they began to live here and they wedded
with neighborhood ladies.
The second hypothesis originated from the Nuristan
zone of Afghanistan. Furthermore, the third accepts
that they moved from South Asia.
Chitral Museum
The Chitral locale of KPK is celebrated worldwide
for its legacy and culture. For the protection of
social legacy and alluring views of Chitral, Chitral
exhibition hall has been set up.
Chitral historical center has two exhibitions for
example ethnological exhibition and archeological
The ethnological exhibition presents the existing
method of Chitral individuals.
Additionally, various items like adornments,
weapons, conventional garments, furniture,
earthenware production, and instruments are a piece
of the ethnological display.
Similarly, the archeological display presents the old
social materials of Kalash Valley.
In this way, during your visit to Chitral Museum,
you can investigate the contemporary and old
Chitral culture and legacy.
Shahi Fort
On the correct bank of Chitral River, close to the
Shahi Mosque, a lovely and lofty fortress has been
developed. It is known as Shahi post-Chitral.
The fortification was worked in the fourteenth
century by Raja Nadir Shah. It isn’t in its unique
structure now however it despite everything
uncovers the wealth of its past.
In addition, in 1969, the Shahi Fort Chitral was
pronounced as the individual property of Chitral’s
last ruler. In this way, before visiting Shahi Fort, it’s
imperative to look for authorization.
Be that as it may, don’t stress by any means! Our
aides at TourMover will assist you with visiting the
Shahi Fort from inside.
Representative Cottage
Representative Cottage is one of the lovely places in
the Chitral valley. It speaks to the common
development style of Chitral.
The spot is encircled by colossal mountains and rich
green scenes. A lot of recorded items are
safeguarded here which interests vacationers.
Chitral Gol National Park
Chitral Gol National Park is situated adjacent to the
Chitral River a ways off of 2 hours predictable drive
from Chitral Town. Another name of this park is
Chitral National Park.
You can stroll at a zone of 7,750 hectares at a
5,000-meter height. The course to stop is restricted,
hazardous, and daring.
You can see three valleys, tremendous ice sheets,
and wonderful streams coming from ice sheets in
the recreation center. The recreation center is
wealthy in cedar trees.
Thusly, a visit to Chitral National Park must be there
in your agenda.
Bumburet Valley
Bumburet is the biggest and the most
commercialized valley of Kalash. The place is
advanced in terms of modern facilities and throngs
with a large number of domestic tourists.
Due to this reason, I suggest you visit this place in
the month of May to enjoy the Kalash Chilam Joshi
There are many other places to visit in Chitral…
 Barmoghlasht
 Karambit Lake
 Tooshi Game Reserve
 Boone
 Garam Chashma
 Ayun valley
 Birir valley
 Rumbur valley

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