Beautiful Places in Murree

Beautiful Places in Murree
Murree is the most beautiful Hill station that falls under
the Rawalpindi district in Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is
mainly known as Malika-e-Kohsar. Murree is prominent
for Honeymoon Packages from Pakistan for couples and
families from all over Pakistan. Eminent places, for
example, Mall Street, Pindi point, Kashmir point, Patriata
(New Murree), Ayubia, Nathiagali, Murree slopes, and so
forth are the notable spots which are visited by the visitor.
How about we unfurl the grand magnificence of Murree
and see the main 5 spots there as visited.
Travel to Pakistan grants a list of Beautiful places in
Murree you must visit in Our Tour Package.
The Mall Road
Above all else is Mall Road that is the most well known
commercial center in Murree. Here you will discover all
the remarkable things about Murree. The street opens till
3 am, for the most part; individuals love to stroll over
yonder to appreciate the charming climate with yummy
food things too.
Mall Road is a well known little stretch of the street
having various shops and eateries. It’s mainstream among
individuals around the nation and travelers everywhere
throughout the world. Mall Road is a populated street in
Murree in reality during summer it would be jam for
traffic due to an enormous number of individuals stroll on
this street. Mall Road is a best-jammed shopping place in
Murree for purchasing anything.

An outstanding attraction in Murree is Patriata (also
known as New Murree). This spot, which is 15 km away
from Murree Hills, is acclaimed for its chairlift that gives
a flying creature eye perspective on the Kashmir green
slopes. It is at the most elevated purpose of Murree Hills
that hence makes it the most elevated purpose of Punjab
The most prominent, the new Murree from
Patriata approximately 15 km away from the
main Murree hills on the Lower Topa side. The hill station
is newly established to cater more of the visitor to
the Murree. Moreover, beautiful hills are an amusement
for couples and family to enjoy their vacation in this

Kashmir Point
Following up is the Kashmir Point that is brimming with
peacefulness. Closer to GPO and a fifteen minutes’ walk
that will prompt Kashmir Point. An eminent point in
Murree offers serenity away from the hustle-clamor of
primary Murree. The perspective on the Kashmir
Mountains with a wonderful atmosphere is continually
dazzling for the visitor.

Ayubia has become the most significant spot in the Galliat
after Nathiagali. In 1984 a region of 1,684 hectares of
mountain timberland was announced as a national park,
with the point of protecting the delightful woods and
biodiversity. The recreation center territory was extended
through a northern augmentation in 1998 to 3,312
hectares. The height of “Ayubia National Park” ranges
between 1,050 meters in the valleys to 3,027 meters at the
peaks inside. These mountains are 40 million to 170
million years of age.

Below is the list of other places to visit in Murree
 Pindi Point
 Bhurban
 Ghora Gali
 Upper Topa and Lower Topa
 Rawat
 Dir Munjai Murree
 Sozo Park
 Dungagali
 Nathiagali

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